Pro-Wheel 70-R Rims are manufactured from 7050 aluminum and heat treated for extra strength.

Our exclusive extrusion puts strength where it is needed and puts the 70-R ahead of the competition.

The shot peened Matte Finish looks great while structurally strengthening the rim.

NOTE: Only available in 2.15x18”, 1.85 or 2.15x19”, 1.60x21”

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19.00 (in)
19.00 (in)
3.00 (in)

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19X1.85 70 R

WICKED⚡️WHEELWERKS on 9th Aug 2020

A real joy building my EV customers wheel sets with these. Manufacturing thats best I’ve seen using 7050 aluminum and Hardcoat matt anodized colors are always perfect. Makes building a strong lightweight wheel very easy