• New and Improved Design 
  • 6-ply tires made from 100% real rubber
  • Available in Medium Terrain Compound
  • Recommended for 250cc / 450F Models
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28.00 (in)
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6.00 (in)

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Not Bad At All

Matthew Butcher on 23rd Sep 2013

Dude. These tires are just fine. I have put 1 hour on the intermediate compound riding on hard packed Lewis county clay and it hooks up great. Feels a little looser in the corners but the compound is stiffer than the M404 I just replaced.This tire may have cost 1/2 what a Dunlop does but it is almost as good. Most riders would not be able to tell a difference. You could mount one of these for practice and run your million dollar Dunlop on race day and still save big bucks by the end of the season. Get over your brand names, moto snobs, these tires are worth more than they cost.